Friday, August 8, 2008

Surprised!!! [NO Spoilers]

Finally joined and got to read some "BD" Message Boards on Twilight Lexicon site. Wow! I was surprised at the negative feedback.

Sure, we all have our right to our own views on a book. To see it as complying with our wishes or not.

But my over all view is ~~ Stephenie wrote the series. Not I. She has the right to tie it up, as she wished to. Not as I wished it to play out, in the final book.

So I read the 'Like it' or 'Not' messages. Now it's time to do what I really want to do... To see how different readers viewed different specifics in the book. Did they see things, as I saw them? Were they shocked at this or that? Were they drawn around to liking this or that, which they may not have liked, at first blush? Etc.

Basically, I have no need to argue about anything. All I want is fun discussion. Hope I can find it....