Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gettin' ready for the PAR-TAY!!!

My teen Grands are having so much fun, planning their "look" for the Border's PAR-TAY tomorrow night. The are planning on going as "Vampire Girls." Not necessarily, as cast members.

One is dark haired and one is a red head. So at first, we thought "Bella" and "Victoria." But human "Bella" is so plain. And the red head was gonna' have a not-plain-Vampire look. So we ditched the first idea.

I had visions of making "Victoria's" hair really wild and adding some leaves to it, like she/Victoria came out of the woods... and she needed a "pelt" around her. But, saner minds prevailed and I dropped that total plan. lol.

So now, the redhead will be a not-so-wild-looking 'Victoria' and the dark haired one will be a kind-of 'Alice.' Our 'Alice's' hair is long, so it can't be like the 'Alice' wig in the movie. But if it's up in a 'easy bun/ponytail', the hair ends can be waxed to spike out! At least, that's our plan.

Yesterday they were both here and so 'Alice' curled 'Victoria's' hair!

The we went to the Mall and got makeup... for the 'Vampire Look.' Palest face makeup we could find ~ Target Red lipstick ~ eye make up for each.

Came home and they got made up. Wheeee!!! We went next door and showed my daughter-in-law {the one with the 'burning question'}. Their little cousins saw them first and... well, you can imagine the reaction of an 8 year old and a 3 year old boys! To made-up-like-Vampire cousins! LOL.

Above is 'Victoria' from the front.


We have a Family Policy ~~ NO recognizable pictures of any of the Grandchildren, are put on the Net. We fear the weirdos out there, on the World Wide Net. Yes, most people are normal and nice people. But there ARE weirdos. And we long ago, made the decision, to never show recognizable pictures of kids/grand kids on the Net.

Which will be a terrrrrrrrrrrrrible predicament for me, tomorrow night. 'Cause I've already seen them made up, and they are gorgeously spectacular. :-) But.. the full effect will simply not be able to be put in blogs.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bella's Truck is in Forks!!!

Mary Helen read that Bella's truck is in Forks, WA.

So she {click-->} got pictures of it.

Please go and tell her that we LUV her, for so doing.

Or maybe, tell her that we LUV her husband. 'Cause she sent him, to go take the pic of it!!!

We LUV you, 'Mr. Mary Helen'!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My daughter-in-law has a burning question...

My daughter-in-law has a burning question...

And I do mean burning. >,-)

She is driving me crazy, wanting to know if vampires can be intimate. {Is that a delicately enough stated question, for a family blog???}

See, she is torn between the idea of life with warm and human {most of the time} Jacob, and life with never warm and human Edward. This conundrum is driving her 'up the wall.' And she is taking me 'up the wall,' with her. {And when she reads this, she will come over and *kill* me, but that's a story for another day}

I say that when Bella asked Edward about Emmet and Rosalie being 'married,' that his {delicately put} answer was, that they really, really are married folks. But d-i-law didn't read it that way. Phulllllleeeeeeeeeeze everyone, tell me how you read it!?! Please... Please... Please.....

Because, Granddaughter and I are in the "Bella Must End Up With Edward" camp. And I fear that my d-i-law is coming close to being in the
"Bella Must End Up With Jacob" camp. Quelle horreur! Division in the family! This can not be!

Please, someone back me up... Tell me that you agree with me... That though Vampires are collllllllllllllllllllllld, they can still get hot.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

'Twilight' at Comic-Con

Looks like they/we did it. Voted enough, to get early footage of 'Twilight' at Comic-Con.

I {naturally} wasn't going to attend. But saw a request to vote for 'Twilight' early footage to be shown at Comic-Con. So I, and a lot of others voted...

And look... click-->'Twilight' fans camp out for a peek (and a scream).




Just ask only a teenager?!?


Thursday, July 17, 2008

NEW 'Twilight' Teaser


Click on --> Twilight Lexicon, Stephenie's Official Fan Site!!!


It wouldn't load quickly for my Grand, so I had her run over through the back yard, to see it. She did.


Then we both went next door and *captured* my Daughter-in-law and brought her over here, to watch it too. -grin- My poor husband is trying to watch a tv show, and we keep running in and out the back door, in front of him.

But he loves it, of course. -grin-

Monday, July 14, 2008

"BD" Side Bar thingy...


Yes, I made my own Side Bar thing for 'Breaking Dawn.' To be perfectly frank, the wildly changing widgets are not fun for me to see. Maybe it's my eyes but... they drive me batty. -giggles- So, I didn't grab any, which mmoovvvve. >,-)

-drum roll please-

I would like to announce two more converts to 'Twilight'! My d-i-law and my Net pal Sandi. Wheeee... :-))))

And I put my own
'Breaking Dawn' thing, on my 'Smilnsigh' blog Side Bar also.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

EW cover

Yikes! I finally saw the 'EW' cover...


I really don't like to seem grumpy, all the time, in this blog. Suppose I should just be thrilled that Stephenie's books/film are so well known now, that there is a cover on 'EW.' I suppose. But, ding-it, I am not totally thrilled with this cover. -pout-

Is this the Bella, of Twilight...? The first book?

Did whoever directed this photo shoot, ever read the book?

Does Edward have larger red lips, than she does?

If he went around like this all the time, would no one notice?

OK, Kristin looks fabulous. But this is not the Bella of the Twilight book... Probably it's the Bella, after she becomes a vampire. If and when that ever happens. ,-) But... Can you imagine someone going into the first film, and expecting _this_ Bella? -giggles-

And just call me old if you want to.... But... The way they have Edward portrayed on this cover, does not work for me. If you get my drift... Be that as it may, I know perfectly well that _I_ am not the main age market for any of this stuff. So how can I judge the effect of this cover? All this is just IMHO. :-)

Feel free to point out, how off base I am, in any way! To each her own, as far as how any magazine cover strikes us. That's for sure.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


The countdown begins

Are we getting excited yet??? ^_^

But since I'm soooooooooo afraid of being 'spoiled,' I am not going to go to any of the *zillions* of Twilight fandom sites... Except! For the one linked to above... The Official Website of Stephenie Meyer. I'm sure the other fan sites do not want to have any 'spoilers' sneak in. But... Just to be on the safe side, I'm sticking to only Stephanie's site.

-Wonder if I'm alone in this?
-Wonder what everyone else is doing, to avoid being 'spoiled'?
-Wonder if people are planning on reading it quickly, to avoid being inadvertently 'spoiled'? {Then read it again, slowwwwwwly}
-Of if they are still going to read it slowly, and savour it, first time?
-And maybe hole up in a cave somewhere, until they do finish it?


My Granddaughter who lives near by... Her mom has a copy reserved for her, at the local Border's Book Store. But I don't think she/her mom will be taking her down, for midnight. Guess who? Will be? If 'guess who' can stay awake that long, to drive us down. >,-) I'd better bring a folding chair. I'll get tired in line. ,-)


Suppose this midnight run, will be a dry run for the midnight run to the mall theater, for the film, in December.