Sunday, July 13, 2008

EW cover

Yikes! I finally saw the 'EW' cover...


I really don't like to seem grumpy, all the time, in this blog. Suppose I should just be thrilled that Stephenie's books/film are so well known now, that there is a cover on 'EW.' I suppose. But, ding-it, I am not totally thrilled with this cover. -pout-

Is this the Bella, of Twilight...? The first book?

Did whoever directed this photo shoot, ever read the book?

Does Edward have larger red lips, than she does?

If he went around like this all the time, would no one notice?

OK, Kristin looks fabulous. But this is not the Bella of the Twilight book... Probably it's the Bella, after she becomes a vampire. If and when that ever happens. ,-) But... Can you imagine someone going into the first film, and expecting _this_ Bella? -giggles-

And just call me old if you want to.... But... The way they have Edward portrayed on this cover, does not work for me. If you get my drift... Be that as it may, I know perfectly well that _I_ am not the main age market for any of this stuff. So how can I judge the effect of this cover? All this is just IMHO. :-)

Feel free to point out, how off base I am, in any way! To each her own, as far as how any magazine cover strikes us. That's for sure.