Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gettin' ready for the PAR-TAY!!!

My teen Grands are having so much fun, planning their "look" for the Border's PAR-TAY tomorrow night. The are planning on going as "Vampire Girls." Not necessarily, as cast members.

One is dark haired and one is a red head. So at first, we thought "Bella" and "Victoria." But human "Bella" is so plain. And the red head was gonna' have a not-plain-Vampire look. So we ditched the first idea.

I had visions of making "Victoria's" hair really wild and adding some leaves to it, like she/Victoria came out of the woods... and she needed a "pelt" around her. But, saner minds prevailed and I dropped that total plan. lol.

So now, the redhead will be a not-so-wild-looking 'Victoria' and the dark haired one will be a kind-of 'Alice.' Our 'Alice's' hair is long, so it can't be like the 'Alice' wig in the movie. But if it's up in a 'easy bun/ponytail', the hair ends can be waxed to spike out! At least, that's our plan.

Yesterday they were both here and so 'Alice' curled 'Victoria's' hair!

The we went to the Mall and got makeup... for the 'Vampire Look.' Palest face makeup we could find ~ Target Red lipstick ~ eye make up for each.

Came home and they got made up. Wheeee!!! We went next door and showed my daughter-in-law {the one with the 'burning question'}. Their little cousins saw them first and... well, you can imagine the reaction of an 8 year old and a 3 year old boys! To made-up-like-Vampire cousins! LOL.

Above is 'Victoria' from the front.


We have a Family Policy ~~ NO recognizable pictures of any of the Grandchildren, are put on the Net. We fear the weirdos out there, on the World Wide Net. Yes, most people are normal and nice people. But there ARE weirdos. And we long ago, made the decision, to never show recognizable pictures of kids/grand kids on the Net.

Which will be a terrrrrrrrrrrrrible predicament for me, tomorrow night. 'Cause I've already seen them made up, and they are gorgeously spectacular. :-) But.. the full effect will simply not be able to be put in blogs.