Friday, May 23, 2008

Twilighting tours, in Forks...

Mary Helen at {click on red...} Daily Forks Photo says that The Forks Chamber of Commerce is taking visitors twilighting!
The first tour is Sat. June 7 at 9 AM
360-374-2531 or
send an email to
for reservations

Wish I was close enough!!!

Plus, I just noticed that the Chamber of Commerce site has web cams.
{Click on red}
Local Web Cams.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another 'Twilighter'!!!

Yeaaaaaaaaaa! Just met another 'Twilighter,' via a comment she left, on my last entry. Hi to 'Ms. Hays' of Poplar Bluff Area Daily blog. I'll add her blog link to my Sidebar, if it's ok with her. :-)


I love meeting regular 'Twilight' fans. There are *zillions* of more-official 'Twilight' sites/blogs on the Net. They are great. But it's also fun to meet regular people, so to speak. Who love to chat about "our obsession." :-)


And btw, I finished 'The Host.' And the "spoiling" {click here} didn't fully "spoil" it for me. I was kind of pouty, when that "spoiling" happened. -sigh- And I didn't pick the book right back up again. And was thinking if I'd just sort of skip on, through the little I had left, to read. Because I was mad and grumpy and whiny, about "being spoiled." -silly grin-


I picked the book back up, planning on skimming ahead.

It grabbed me right back into the twists and turns of the story! Stephenie is good!!! Her writing keeps grabbing you, and making you not-skip and keeps you glued to the book. :-) I was again 'burning the midnight oil,' to really finish it.


And now, I'd so love to find places to chat about 'The Host.' Net places where no one will be "spoiled" by such chatting. Places for only people who have read the whole book. But so far, I haven't found any. If you do, please give me links to places you find. Please and thank you.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Really great posting, and spoiler safe!

Photo Source, article linked below

'Twilight Series Theories' has a great entry, and it's spoiler-safe. :-)

'It will truly be a breaking dawn' has some awesome ideas concerning the 'why' of the date, for the release of 'Breaking Dawn.' Really, really coooool!!!

Please click on the red words above, and go read it for yourself. I think you'll agree, that it's soooo nice.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

WARNING!!! Spoiler!!!


I was just skimming the Twilight Lexicon site. Since skimming is all I have time for, right now. I did not see the line, that there was a 'spoiler' involved in the Q & A of the 'This Just In' entry. And so.... I read first Q & A, and a HUGE CHUNK of the PLOT LINE of "THE HOST" was revealed!!! -sigh-
And I am not the only one who was inadvertently spoiled, and is upset. Others have commented, the same way.
So I requested that from now on ~ all entries there, which contain spoilers for recently released books, have a big "SPOILER HERE" right up in the Entry Title. Not wait till a line in the entry itself, to warn people. Then, if we get spoiled, it will be our own fault, and only our own fault.
I am going to take my time reading "Breaking Dawn," when it comes out. And I don't want to be spoiled, for that!!!! Eeeek no! So, I guess... If I really don't want to be spoiled for
"Breaking Dawn," I'd better not read any sites. Yup, best idea, that.
Anyway, if you intend to read "The Host," watch out you don't get spoiled, on any sites. Before hand.. -sigh-

New stuff... And busy

Well, I'm behind in reading Twilight sites, but I do think this site is grrrrrrrrreat... Please click on the red words... L.A. Times Backlot site. Wow! These shots are awesome! I can't stand heights, so I'm very impressed with what these actors did!
I've been absent from 'Blog Land,' because "Real Life" caught up with me. ,-) We have Spring projects still waiting to be done around here. And if we didn't get going on them, it would have been Summer soon!!! So ~ I had to 'bite the bullet' and not spend as much time on the computer!
-sigh- -moan- -whine- -sob- -whimper-
Isn't it weird how we can get so used to too much "Net Life"?!?
I know... Being older and all, I have a lot more of my own time, to do things, than you young-married-with-children gals do. But even with me! "Real Life" catches up sometimes and I have to doooooooooooooo stuff. Like put up drapes we got, weeks ago. And clean out a room, where everything gets dropped. One of those 'Black holes.' :-(
I doubt I'm alone. Most everyone has someplace where stuff gets "put-for-a-while." Then we shut the door and the months go by. lol. Please, tell me I'm not the only one who has such, in her house?!?!?!? ,-)
Wish me luck, to continue my projects! :-)
~~**~~ + ~~**~~ + ~~**~~

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lots of info, to be found, on Twilight sites!

The Twilight Lexicon is reporting a new photo spot!


Twilight Lexicon says that Hollywood Backlot h
as some behind-the-scenes, candid Twilight photos and the promise of more.


Really cooooooooool photo, when you click on the {RED words} link to their site, above.


And Twilight Series The Theories has 2 interesting entries...


Place to vote if you will go see the film.

And place to vote for having Twilight author, director and cast, on The Oprah Show.


Annnnd Twilight Moms site has links to articles too. But! Watch out! One of them is not a rave. Interesting though. And mention of "where is the ice?" was something that I'd wondered... Please click here and tell me what you think.

And let's face it ~ Not everything we read, will be hippity-happy. We should get used to it.

{My click-able links are in Red}

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Twilight Series The Theories has a great question today. {Click here} The question they ask, has to do with shooting 'Twilight' sequels simultaneously. Seems that MTV News has said it's been discussed. {Click here} Interesting question...

There is the issue of actors getting older. That was OK, with the HP sequels, because the people in Harry Potter were supposed to age a bit. But not so, with vampires. Hmmmm....

But then, many of the cast, are already actually older, than they are playing. Bella being the "youngest looking." And if she becomes a vampire soon... And we all will *split a gut* if she doesn't, won't we???????????? >,-) She will be beeeeeeeutiful and can 'look' older.

So, does the age thing matter?

Would simultaneous shooting be a bit too much? To do justice to each of the books?

Where do you come down on this question?


One quarter through 'The Host'

~~Click here for photos~~


"The Host" {click here} is called "science fiction for people who don't like science fiction." :-) Well, that's me.

It grabs you. I've read 150 of the 600 pages, which is 1/4 of the book, and I am not a fast read. So you can see that it grabbed me.

It's NOTHING like the 'Twilight' series though! {click here} So if you are thinking of dipping into Stephenie's books, I'd still suggest you begin with 'Twilight."

Since I stayed up way too late last night, and could not sleep in, this morning... Which is my way, because I'm not a morning sleeper. And I read more this morning! I'll probably crash soon.--->One of the perks of being older and retired! ,-) And I have to be perky for a home Softball game later. Oldest Granddaughter is pitching yet again. :-)))

~~Click here for photos~~


Monday, May 12, 2008

Decisions... And another!

Oh Oh! The library has a copy of 'The Host' for me, already!!! Eeeeeek! I didn't think I'd get it, this quickly, on a library hold.

Now what do I do? I thought I didn't want to read it yet. While still into the Twilight saga. But.........


They have it sitting right there on a shelf, waiting for me.......

Oh sigh.......... Decisions.... Decisions.... Decisions... -grin-


Another blogger tells me that she is addicted to the Twilight saga, too!!! So I added her blog link, to those on my Sidebar. She is Betty at She'sSewPretty. Betty commented here, in my 'Another Twilighter' entry;

My 13 year old niece got me hooked on the twilight books. Her younger sister and every single one of their friends are hooked and now I've got my daughter hooked. She and I are big fans of Jacob. I screamed like a little girl when my niece had her mom buy me the twilight series for my birthday."

Yes M'am! She's addicted! :-))))


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

from Esme, Renee, and me.



Check out Mary Helen's Forks WA blog for some magnificent photos of the real Forks area. Click on them, to get the full effect. Wow! And sighhh, that they didn't use the REAL Forks, for shooting the film... -sigh-


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Interview with the screenwriter

The Twilight Lexicon has an interview with the 'Twilight' film screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg. Very enjoyable. I especially liked her personal message to the fans. Which addresses an issue I've wondered about... How will the film differ from the book?

Basically she says... that she's a huge fan of the books. {Good.}
All who worked on the film, tried to stay true to Stephenie's vision. {Good.}
When we each read a book, we form a clear vision of it. But each person's perspective is different. {Of course.}
Hopefully, the film will fulfill or expand on everyone's perspective. {Hope so!}
She hopes viewers will stay open. {I hope so too!}
It may be different, from what we each imagined... {Of course.}
She recommends surrender. {I think that's so cute!}

And I think it sounds like the best way to enjoy the film. To walk into the film, not having to have
everything to be just as we imagined. Not expecting everything to be just as we imagined. And to just surrender to enjoyment of the way all who created it, and all who worked on it... the way they brought it to the screen, for us. I hope I can.

How about you? Actually, this is a whole other entry.... So I won't ask the question yet. :-)


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Twilighter...

I knew my D-i-law was reading 'Twilight.' But, didn't know how she was liking it. We were at Granddaughter's softball game today... {They are undefeated and her pitching is great, btw} Anyway, I'd previously told D-i-law that I had stayed up till like 3am, reading some of the Twilight saga books. So re-reading them, as I'm doing, is a very good idea for me.

Well, today at the game, she {D-i-law} told me {without my asking} that she is staying up way too late at night, reading 'Twilight.' :-))) And said she probably has dark circles under her eyes. -grin- Sooooo... Not only is there another reader in my family.... There is another addicted reader in my family. :-)

Other D-i-law... Watch out! We are all coming for you now. And our numbers have now swollen to 4. :-)))))))))

Annnnd, is Robert 'pulling our leg'???

First... I just ordered a new/used copy of "Doomed Love" by Virgil. Why?
Because Robert Pattinson gave Kristen Stewart a copy of it, to read. To prepare for the film. They also watched "Last Tango In Paris" but I don't exactly 'get' that, in regard to the Twilight love story. ???

From the interview ~ Here's what they said:

MTV: Edward and Bella are an iconic love story for a whole generation. How do two actors meet, and then begin building a chemistry that the whole film will depend on? Any favorite movies, authors, books that helped you bond?

Kristen Stewart: Yeah, "Last Tango in Paris."

Pattinson: That's kind of what we're basing the entire [Edward and Bella] relationship on, in a lot of ways.

Is he just being wise-ass? What does the *old chestnut* "LTiP," have to do with Twilight?

The following is from a review of the "LTiP" film... "
Their purely carnal relationship must remain anonymous, emotionless, and exist only within the walls of the apartment, which Paul rents for this purpose."

How in holy hell is the Twilight love story, like this??!!??

Methinks Robert was pulling the leg of MTV interviewer.

What think you? Do you see any purpose in using "LTiP," for help with playing Twilight?

Twilight on "The Leaky Cauldron"

Yes, even The Leaky Cauldron site has a Twilight article! :-) You can find it, by clicking on the red... In the News. It's titled 'Robert Pattinson, "Twilight" Film News Round Up.'


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Screen caps from the teaser...

Oh look! {click on the red words} screen caps from the Twilight teaser...

Wallpaper, etc.

I'm not very techy so I don't know how to do lots of Net things. But I can leave links!

I got the lovely desktop wallpaper I showed, in my last entry... at {click on the red words} this link, on the 'Twilight Extremists' site. Pages and pages of wallpapers.


And I got this 'Alice' banner {above}, maybe there too...


New desktop wallpaper...

New desktop wallpaper. What can I say? I'm changeable. ,-) But with so many to choose from! Why not change? :-)

Plus, I love Alice. And Jasper is lookin' mighty cute, himself. :-)

My Grand won't *appreciate* my having *deserted* Edward though... >,-)


Views: 165,197 ~ May 7, 2008 ~ 09:41 EDST

Can't rate the teaser, unless I join. Am I realllllllllly going to join You Tube?!?!?!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Click here for
Poster pic source

I just printed it out for my Grand. And ~~ She is happy ~~ To put it mildly ~~ ^_^

Printing it on a computer printer doesn't do it full justice, but, she's still happy... ^_^

Monday, May 5, 2008

First teaser....

First teaser is up on

Click here... Teaser
but so many are trying to access it, that it's not smooth.

But cool, even not smooth. >,-)

'Time' article

{Drawing, from the Time article}

OK, this link will work!!! {Please click on the Red words}

"Stephanie Meyer: A New J.K. Rowling?"

Or it better work!!!

More ~~ I'm obsessed!

More of "I'm obsessed"...

Above... My desktop wallpaper... {And you can click on any pic, to enlarge it}

My thermal coffee cup... The way the dishwasher has 'mottled' it...

So what, you ask? Wellllll, it caught my eye because it looks something like one of the headers on a Twilight site... Sort of like a modern art version of 'the forest'! Ok, Ok, I'm stretching. But, I think it sort of does. And it will always look like that, to me, from now on. ,-)

Our old truck. I know! It's blue and not red but... So bite me. >,-)

It is a real live 1950 Chevy truck! My husband's pride and joy! He's done so much restoration work on it, and has lots more to do, inside.

And it does make enough noise to 'wake the dead,' when he turns it on! -grinnnnnn- And I didn't used to really enjoy riding in it. But now, I do!!!

Nope, never tried to drive it. Even though I've known how to drive a stick shift, since I was 16 and got my driver's license. "Back at the beginning of time." ,-)

Maybe I will try driving it now... Hey, if Bella can, I can!



Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mini rant...

I may be the only one, but I don't want to be spoiled!!!

I don't want to know any more about 'The Host,' than I've already seen.

I don't want to know every little thing about the movie of 'Twilight,' either. Well, I suppose that is like wishing for the impossible. We keep eating up any tidbits that come out, about the film so.... I should drop that 'want.' ,-)

But I do not want to know any details, about 'Breaking Dawn' either. -sighhhhh-

So, that's my mini rant. My personal choice is to read a book and see a film, without knowing stuff ahead of time. And it's only mine! No one has to agree with me. Everyone can deal with these things, in their own way. Just me. I don't want to be spoiled. :-))))

Friday, May 2, 2008

Stephanie selected by Time...

{Click-able links are in Red, on this blog}

Please go to
Stephenie in Time magazine

I just found this announced on The Official Website of Stephanie Meyer.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

You know you're obsessed with Twiligh when...

You know you're obsessed with Twilight when...

When you try to draw a floor plan of Charlie's house.... {only downstairs, so far}.

And take/post pictures of it, trying to show your *project.*


But.... how many chairs are in the {handkerchief sized} Family Room???

~~Click on photos, to enlarge~~
Phooie, the sink is not in front of a kitchen window. Read last night {re-reading 'Twilight'} that Bella asked someone to get something "out of the cabinet that's over the sink". Harumph... So, I have to revise the kitchen layout. Actually, I'll probably have to re-read all 3 books, with a particular eye out, as to any house descriptions, which pop up. Then and only then, can I get it right. Well, as right as I can.

Wonder if the person in charge of composing sets on the film, was as careful as I'm being? -grin-

I repeat, I am not obsessed. >,-)