Monday, May 5, 2008

More ~~ I'm obsessed!

More of "I'm obsessed"...

Above... My desktop wallpaper... {And you can click on any pic, to enlarge it}

My thermal coffee cup... The way the dishwasher has 'mottled' it...

So what, you ask? Wellllll, it caught my eye because it looks something like one of the headers on a Twilight site... Sort of like a modern art version of 'the forest'! Ok, Ok, I'm stretching. But, I think it sort of does. And it will always look like that, to me, from now on. ,-)

Our old truck. I know! It's blue and not red but... So bite me. >,-)

It is a real live 1950 Chevy truck! My husband's pride and joy! He's done so much restoration work on it, and has lots more to do, inside.

And it does make enough noise to 'wake the dead,' when he turns it on! -grinnnnnn- And I didn't used to really enjoy riding in it. But now, I do!!!

Nope, never tried to drive it. Even though I've known how to drive a stick shift, since I was 16 and got my driver's license. "Back at the beginning of time." ,-)

Maybe I will try driving it now... Hey, if Bella can, I can!