Saturday, May 17, 2008

WARNING!!! Spoiler!!!


I was just skimming the Twilight Lexicon site. Since skimming is all I have time for, right now. I did not see the line, that there was a 'spoiler' involved in the Q & A of the 'This Just In' entry. And so.... I read first Q & A, and a HUGE CHUNK of the PLOT LINE of "THE HOST" was revealed!!! -sigh-
And I am not the only one who was inadvertently spoiled, and is upset. Others have commented, the same way.
So I requested that from now on ~ all entries there, which contain spoilers for recently released books, have a big "SPOILER HERE" right up in the Entry Title. Not wait till a line in the entry itself, to warn people. Then, if we get spoiled, it will be our own fault, and only our own fault.
I am going to take my time reading "Breaking Dawn," when it comes out. And I don't want to be spoiled, for that!!!! Eeeek no! So, I guess... If I really don't want to be spoiled for
"Breaking Dawn," I'd better not read any sites. Yup, best idea, that.
Anyway, if you intend to read "The Host," watch out you don't get spoiled, on any sites. Before hand.. -sigh-