Monday, May 12, 2008

Decisions... And another!

Oh Oh! The library has a copy of 'The Host' for me, already!!! Eeeeeek! I didn't think I'd get it, this quickly, on a library hold.

Now what do I do? I thought I didn't want to read it yet. While still into the Twilight saga. But.........


They have it sitting right there on a shelf, waiting for me.......

Oh sigh.......... Decisions.... Decisions.... Decisions... -grin-


Another blogger tells me that she is addicted to the Twilight saga, too!!! So I added her blog link, to those on my Sidebar. She is Betty at She'sSewPretty. Betty commented here, in my 'Another Twilighter' entry;

My 13 year old niece got me hooked on the twilight books. Her younger sister and every single one of their friends are hooked and now I've got my daughter hooked. She and I are big fans of Jacob. I screamed like a little girl when my niece had her mom buy me the twilight series for my birthday."

Yes M'am! She's addicted! :-))))