Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Twilight Series The Theories has a great question today. {Click here} The question they ask, has to do with shooting 'Twilight' sequels simultaneously. Seems that MTV News has said it's been discussed. {Click here} Interesting question...

There is the issue of actors getting older. That was OK, with the HP sequels, because the people in Harry Potter were supposed to age a bit. But not so, with vampires. Hmmmm....

But then, many of the cast, are already actually older, than they are playing. Bella being the "youngest looking." And if she becomes a vampire soon... And we all will *split a gut* if she doesn't, won't we???????????? >,-) She will be beeeeeeeutiful and can 'look' older.

So, does the age thing matter?

Would simultaneous shooting be a bit too much? To do justice to each of the books?

Where do you come down on this question?