Thursday, May 8, 2008

Annnnd, is Robert 'pulling our leg'???

First... I just ordered a new/used copy of "Doomed Love" by Virgil. Why?
Because Robert Pattinson gave Kristen Stewart a copy of it, to read. To prepare for the film. They also watched "Last Tango In Paris" but I don't exactly 'get' that, in regard to the Twilight love story. ???

From the interview ~ Here's what they said:

MTV: Edward and Bella are an iconic love story for a whole generation. How do two actors meet, and then begin building a chemistry that the whole film will depend on? Any favorite movies, authors, books that helped you bond?

Kristen Stewart: Yeah, "Last Tango in Paris."

Pattinson: That's kind of what we're basing the entire [Edward and Bella] relationship on, in a lot of ways.

Is he just being wise-ass? What does the *old chestnut* "LTiP," have to do with Twilight?

The following is from a review of the "LTiP" film... "
Their purely carnal relationship must remain anonymous, emotionless, and exist only within the walls of the apartment, which Paul rents for this purpose."

How in holy hell is the Twilight love story, like this??!!??

Methinks Robert was pulling the leg of MTV interviewer.

What think you? Do you see any purpose in using "LTiP," for help with playing Twilight?