Saturday, August 2, 2008

The morning after... :-))))

I was exhausted by the time I got home last night! But Grands had a good time.

"Victoria's" Mom {our Daughter} brought us down and dropped us off, at the store. Our local Border's didn't have a lot of stuff going on, which is too bad. And it wasn't a "full house" of 'Twilight' fans. But as the time-till-midnight counted down, the store began to fill up. And the line was lonnnnnnnnnnnnng.

"Alice" and "Victoria" had gotten pretty near to the front of the line. I'd been "there" but "not there"... Not hovering by them, of course! But, in the store. When the line formed, I found a vacant comfy reading chair. No reading. Just kind of tried to "sleep with my eyes open." -grin-

A little before midnight, Son and his Wife {she who had the "burning question"} ,-) came in. They had planned on picking us up. And they were "all dudded-up," from having attended a fancy dinner-dance-party. She, looking striking in long black dress and He looking striking in tux.

So, our Border's had lots of young people, some in various forms of Vampire dress up... And parents waiting for their kids to get their books... And one couple, very dressed up. Bet that beat a lot of "Breaking Dawn" book gatherings. :-)

The Grands both slept here last night. They read one chapter, before going to sleep. "Alice" had to get up early and go to her summer job... selling "The Pink Sheet" at the thoroughbred track. But they both got up, at the same time.

It was a total memory made. And it doesn't get much better than that. :-)