Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My daughter-in-law has a burning question...

My daughter-in-law has a burning question...

And I do mean burning. >,-)

She is driving me crazy, wanting to know if vampires can be intimate. {Is that a delicately enough stated question, for a family blog???}

See, she is torn between the idea of life with warm and human {most of the time} Jacob, and life with never warm and human Edward. This conundrum is driving her 'up the wall.' And she is taking me 'up the wall,' with her. {And when she reads this, she will come over and *kill* me, but that's a story for another day}

I say that when Bella asked Edward about Emmet and Rosalie being 'married,' that his {delicately put} answer was, that they really, really are married folks. But d-i-law didn't read it that way. Phulllllleeeeeeeeeeze everyone, tell me how you read it!?! Please... Please... Please.....

Because, Granddaughter and I are in the "Bella Must End Up With Edward" camp. And I fear that my d-i-law is coming close to being in the
"Bella Must End Up With Jacob" camp. Quelle horreur! Division in the family! This can not be!

Please, someone back me up... Tell me that you agree with me... That though Vampires are collllllllllllllllllllllld, they can still get hot.