Monday, April 28, 2008


I was replying to a comment and it made me think of a possible entry idea... {Thank you "mykalee"!} Who is our favorite vampire, after Edward? "Mykalee" loves Alice and I do too. She is written as such a vibrant character, in the story line. She kind of bounces. And loves to throw a party for Bella, any chance she gets. And Alice loves to dress Bella up and etc. :-) So cute.

Stephenie didn't write the character of Bella, as a typical teen. As being into fashion and kind of flighty and etc. Bella is very mature, most of the time. {We'd not want her to be mature all the time though, now would we? -grin-} And this was a good plan, on the author's part I think. This simple choice, makes the 'Twilight' series more accessible to more age groups, than just teens. It has opened the pull of the books, to young marrieds, and to a Grandmother, even. ,-) And who knows how many different so-called age groups, it's appealing to? {I'd love to know this, but... How to find out?}

But, typically, I digress. That {how many diff age groups does the 'Twilight' series appeal to?} is a whole topic in itself, isn't it? So back to our favorite vampire... Who is your favorite, after Edward? And I suppose, the next question would be, and why?

No, this isn't like a test! LOL. Just a fun discussion/chat/whatever you want to call it. Which can be a fun part of blogging. Chatting about a topic, in comments. :-)