Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow!!! Comments!!!

Wow!!! I got a couple of comments! How exciting is that, hu? Because no matter why we blog, we all love to get comments.


And a word on why I have Comment Verification on all my blogs... I get the kind of SPAM-virus stuff, that's not stopped by Word Verification. {Which btw, has gotten so hard to figure out, that even humans are having a hard time with the squiggely letters} I get the SPAM comments, that aren't done by bots. And Word Verification doesn't stop them.


They are a comment... which is short and doesn't have anything to do with the entry... Just a line like maybe; "Look here please." Containing a click-able link... To c-r-a-p. And probably installing some virus in your hard drive, when clicked on. I'm on a Mac and so far, can't get caught. But most people are on Pc's and so... most of my readers could get caught by clicking on such links, in comments.


So.... I have only Comment Verification. Since I'm on line a lot, I can keep up with vetting comments and keeping them being published. And that's my story... :-)